Unit 3: Summary

I must admit I am starting to enjoy the ds106 open course more and more. Within unit 3 there was quite a few challenging and uncomfortable tasks. However I think that challenge to overcome it all is what made it so enjoyable.

The first few assignment were about storytelling, shapes of stories and digital storytelling.

For my first part of unit 3 I was asked to write out what I personally thought about storytelling without using the help of the internet or anything as such.

After that I was asked to start researching on shapes of stories and Kurt Vonnegut has exceptional way of explaining it. Within this one we were asked to chose a movie to create our own ‘G&I axis’. I decided to do mine about ‘Finding Nemo’ as I thought that is a great movie create a graph for.

When it came to the ‘digital storytelling’ I decided to chose a weird digital story, as it’s about ‘Sofas’ but the narrative voice tells his story around the sofas he met in his life.

All of the assignments had their own ways of challenging me. However the one that was really uncomfortable for myself was having to comment on other peoples work. I tried being as positive as possible as I don’t believe I have enough experience in blogging to be giving constructive criticism. Therefore I’ve only commented about the things that I thought were good about the blog. I have asked a question in one of them as it was a very simple description, however it had an image to equal it out.




I must say the ‘daily creates’ seem to come in at the right times, because they just take you away from the hard work and allows you to concentrate on something more easier so your brain gets a little rest. For this particular one I had to get two images from Daily Create Photography assignments and tell everyone how these two images link.

I must say that I’m getting more and more comfortable with the DS106 open course as it’s becoming easier to blog, as they teach you to blog and connect within the social media at the same time. But my weak point is still writing the blogs as I feel like it is hard to get hang of blogging consistently.


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