Listening to Stories

I was asked to listen to the available episodes and decided to listen to ‘How I got into College’. I wrote down the techniques that were used in that episode.


Music Bed, Voxpops from students, 2 presenters, Sound effects, Pauses (There are different purposes but for this particular episode, it was used to identify the end of the one topic of the story to allow them to move on to the next topic efficiently.)

Reaction and thoughts:

Using two people to present, which allows both presenters to have a conversation & bounce of each others banter and opinions. I find this to be another great technique of creating audio stories.
There are plenty of examples from other people that the presenters can relate to, which makes it easier for them to present. Also the fact that they tell the stories with enough detail allows them to engage with the audience by painting little images in our heads.

I realised that the music fades in slowly before the presenter finishes talking to lead on to the music smoothly. This is also done to cue the presenters to let them know how long they have left and to introduce the next song.


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