Listening to Ds106 Radio

For this project I was asked to listen to atleast an hour of live #Ds106Radio broadcast. I had to involve my tweeter and tweet #Ds106Radio to show the ‘Zombie free’ radio show that I am listening. I decided not to send my reactions or feedback as I thought it would be useless to send it and not get any type of acknowledgement to tell me that they have seen it or not.


During the broadcast I picked on the theme they used to bring their story across. I have realised that the units before have been preparing us to for their radio, as you realise that #Ds106Radio is an piece of audio storytelling. Analysing the radio and writing about it whiles listening to it allowed to make it easier to write about the experience. This is my first time listening to a story telling live audio piece, so it is something new to me. As I have some radio experience with Demon FM I realised that they are few different ways of running a radio station. Personally I see this type of radio station as a narrator for a book, series and episodes etc. Its a different type of experience because this not the same as the other radio stations I usually listen to.

I have decided to leave the post up on my twitter page for 10 days, and it still has no re-tweet. Could it be that I wasn’t listening to a live broadcast?
Listening to this radio show allowed me to pick up on the techniques that I was asked to pick up on, in the last assignment. It also gave me a feel of a real audio storytelling as they seemed to use stories to keep everyone engaged. However on the other hand I have also realised that, storytelling radio is not for me as I didn’t enjoy it as much as listening to the other type of radio stations I usually listen to.


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