Daily Creates

15 seconds creates:

For this daily create I had to draw a 15-second Batman. I must admit my drawings generally are not the best however you can somehow recognize who it is as the basic Batman’s shape is universally agreed upon, much like that of a car or a cat. After trying to draw a recognizable Batman this is what came out.


Breakfast selfie:

This daily create wanted us to take a ‘selfie’ of our breakfast and upload it. It sounds quite simple, but what do you do if you had nothing to eat for breakfast? Would a drink count as breakfast? Well I have taken a ‘selfie’ of my breakfast, but you can decide if it counts as breakfast or not.


Believe it or not ^^^ that is all I had for breakfast, some water. But eventually I started becoming hungry and had a sandwich at 1:40 PM. Would the sandwich or the bottle of water be my breakfast?

I enjoy doing these daily creates as they allow you to do little things that you would not really do on a normal day but it is a great way of resting the brain when you are consistently blogging.


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