Visual assignment: Common everyday objects

This is my first assignment with the ds106 assignment bank. For this assignment I was asked to complete 10 points worth of assignments before moving on to the next section. In this assignment I had to take a picture of a common ever day object and manipulate the colors, which will earn me 2 points into my assignment bank. Me feeling a little bit brave about it, I decided to remix it, which will allow me to get 2 extra points, that will take me to 4 points in total. The remix asked me to translate the story or add a foreign language. As I speak German I will be using that to gain my extra 2 points. My original Image:


Edited Image:

edited keys

German: ‘Die schluessel sind ein taeglichen gebrauch, weil jeder es verwended, um in und aus dem haus. Und in meinem fall benutzt man es taeglich fur einem fahrzeug.’ ‘The keys are a everyday use as you have to use them to get in and out of the house and in my case you would need it for a vehicle.’ By editing the image and using a foreign language to describe the needs of the keys, I would like to believe that I earned myself 4 points and therefore only require 6 more points to move on from this assignment.

Common Everyday Object [Remixed]: In Another Language

Remix Assignment Value = original (2) + remix (2)

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