Unit 5: Summary

I must mention the simplicity of unit 5, is it to get us started? It might be, I am looking forward to collecting more points into my assignment bank and seeing how hard the assignments actually get.

For the first assignment within unit 5, there was no way of receiving points, as the point system didn’t come in until the ‘visual assignment’ was introduced. Photoblitz was the first activity, where I had to stick to the 15 minute window.

These are the images are the pictures I had enough time to capture:

  • Take a photo that makes use of converging lines.
  • Take a photo dominated by a single color
  • Take a photo of something at an unusual angle
  • Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
  • Take a photo that represents the idea of “openness”
  • Take a photo that expresses a human emotion
  • Take a photo of an interesting shadow.

I have uploaded my 5 images to Flickr and tagged my photos ds106photoblitz.  

Converging lines

Dominated by one colour 

Two things that do not belong together 


Human emotion

For the next activity I was glad to see the assignment bank begin as I was awaiting its arrival, as activities using points are more entertaining as the thrill of competition takes part. It asked me to complete a minimum of 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments. You can simply click on the links below to see how I have gained my total of 10 points and how I did in each activity.

Splash the colour

Album cover

Common Everyday objects

Overall Unit 5 was something new to me, however I always preferred visual stories compared to audio or informatics type of storytelling. So being able to create stories in visuals was really enjoyable for me. In this unit I have learned the importance of being able to make a story with images and few edits/words. The challenges wasn’t too big; as all my edits were on photoshop and I am relatively comfortable with the adobe software. The main thing I have leaned about photography is that you can tell different type of stories with the same image, therefore it makes you realise that, there are quite a few interpretations for the same image. What does it mean to tell a story visually? That is one question that was stuck on my mind for a little while, simply because there is a lot of people out there that prefer visuals as I am one of them people. Telling a story visually helps a lot of people understand things that they might not understand in any other way. Being able to tell story visually allows you to automatically hit the mainstream as it is an international way of communication. Overall I must repeat the fact I have enjoyed this unit, mainly because it included visual and as I mentioned before I seem to prefer visual stories compared to other type of stories; as I believe it is way easier to understand.


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